Police investigating negligence following death in the cage in India

Kickboxer Nikhil Suresh tragically lost his life several days ago following a knock out loss during a K1 Kickboxing championship in Bangalore. Suresh was knocked out and can be seen lying still on the ground in the fall out as the on lookers crowd around him.

Nikhil was put on ventilator support upon getting transported to a hospital, but he did not respond to treatment and died on Wednesday.

His team confirmed his tragic passing on social media. And subsequently blamed the promotion for lack of medical professionals on site.

“Had there been an ambulance, trained medical staff and a standard fighting platform at the venue he wouldn’t have lost those precious golden moments when the tragedy struck and could have saved him from this agony.” One of his coaches posted on social media.

Police is now investigating the claims.

Suresh’s dad lodged a complaint with the police, accusing the organisers of negligence and saying a catalogue of errors led to the death of his son.

“Medical facility was not available at the place of the incident, nor was there an ambulance. There were many lapses while shifting my son to the hospital,” Suresh told The Indian Times.

“Even after my son’s death, the organiser Naveen Ravishankar did not contact us and has switched off his mobile phone.”

On July 15, police visited the fight venue to inspect if it was fit to stage the event organised by Ravishankar, who has disappeared following the tragedy.

A police source said: “The spot inspection will play a vital role in proving or disproving negligence charges involving the organisers, as claimed by Nikhil’s father”.

Deputy commissioner of police (west) Lakshman Nimbargi said they will issue notice to the accused besides collecting evidence like medical report, a report from youth affairs and sports authorities on the official status of the event as well as credentials of the organisers.