Triller Set To Stage Fights In a Triangle

In a desperate attempt to differentiate itself from other promotions Triller decided to copy another promotion and stage their conflicts in a triangular ring.

Triller Fight Club plans to unveil “Triad Combat” on Nov. 27. Of course staging fights in a triangle isn’t exactly new. DaDa 5000 attempted to stage “trigon” fights back in 2019 in a ‘return from the dead’.

Triller’s triangle is rumored to be somewhat different.

According to MMA Mania:

“A revolution in combat sports is coming on the eve of Triller Fight Club’s one-year anniversary, we reveal the Triller Triad,” said the cut-rate “In a world” voiceover guy. “A new battleground with new rules, new ring, new equipment. The first truly revolutionary combat sport in decades. Triller Fight Club is about to level the playing field between boxing and MMA. Triller Fight Club presents ‘Triad Combat’ on November 27. Combat sports will never be the same!”