Michael Bisping tells Anthony Smith USADA possibly isn’t testing Conor McGregor

Michael Bisping is showing an interesting level of naivete considering he too was in the USADA program. Recently former middle weight champion discussed Conor McGregor’s miraculous bulk with the light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith.

Bisping retired back in 2017 following a defeat to Kelvin Gastelum. For Bisping, popularity came after retiring. Many fans were appreciative of the personal sacrifices the Englishman suffered in his quest to get a title.

Bisping also blames the loss of his eye on PED ridden Vitor Belfort kick – so he’s especially salty when it comes to pre USADA UFC.

Yet he recently showed a lack of understanding for the program – or how it really works in the UFC.

Bisping shared with Smith:

“I do wonder though. I’m gonna get f*****g sh*t on for this. How do they test Conor McGregor floating on a boat around the world all the time?… I’ve wondered that.”

“When I see him on his boat all the time. Granted, he’s probably not posting in real time exactly where he is at that time. Seemingly though, he’s on a boat most of the time. Is USADA sending people in a f*****g helicopter to drop on Conor’s boat? No.”

Later he added:

“…maybe he’s taking something to help the bones and the rod – the titanium shinbone – to help it heal and fuse together.””

What Bisping seems to forget is that McGregor often ‘retires’ – effectively removing himself from the USADA pool. To put it in layman’s terms it’s a free for all for McGregor who certainly has the means to thwart USADA even when he’s in the pool.