Kron Gracie is still in the USADA testing pool – door open for UFC return

MMA Journalist Aaron Bronsteter recently reported that Kron Gracie is still in the USADA testing pool. This is unexpected news given that Kron Gracie has been inactive in the sport for nearly two years and possibly has no plans to ever return.

Kron was one of the most promising athletes to come to the UFC in recent years. Not only did he come as an undefeated MMA athlete, but he was also one of the best BJJ artists to come to the UFC – and a real Gracie.

Kron Gracie is the most promising progeny of the Gracie family nowadays. Son of Rickson Gracie is one of the only actual Gracies keeping the legacy alive. The other notable Gracies, Neiman and Roger are not actual Gracies. Neiman is the son of Márcio Stambowsky and Carla Gracie while former ONE FC champ, Roger is the son of Reila Gracie (daughter of Carlos Gracie) and Mauricio Motta Gomes.

As a grappler, Kron became an ADCC world champion and submitted some of the best BJJ had to offer, Like Leandro Lo, Otavio Souza, and Claudio Calasans.

His MMA career was on the upswing prior to his bout with Cub Swanson. Kron won his first 5, all by submission.

After his stellar UFC debut win over Alex Caceres, Kron was scheduled to face longtime veteran Cub Swanson.

On October 12th of 2019, Kron and Swanson took part in the FOTN. After a back and forth striking contest, Swanson edged out Gracie and was awarded an unanimous decision victory.

That performance has apparently shaken the relationship between Kron and his father, the MMA Legend Rickson Gracie.

According to Rickson, Kron did not perform as he should have. Coming from the most renowned family in Jiu-Jitsu, Rickson believed that his son should have tried to grapple more with Swanson.

“[Kron] wanted to prove himself and to his friends that he could take a punch, that he’s not afraid of getting punched, that he wasn’t worried about using only one skill and delicate technique to win fast without getting hurt, keeping his face clean,” Rickson told in an interview. “‘He said, ‘I can prove that I’m a man, that I’m in this environment and I can brawl.’

“He proved to himself that he has heart, that he’s brave and has cardio, that he can take the pressure, but I already knew that in my head. I know he’s an animal, he’s a warrior. What he showed me was a lack of ability to work strategically on someone else’s weakness. I never liked clashing heads — I always liked catching someone when they were distracted, to surprise them. I don’t like taking the toughest path”

According to Rickson, a lot of things changed in Kron’s life after his loss. He reportedly moved to Montana and has apparently completely  abandoned MMA. He also hasn’t spoken to his father since.

“Right now we’re giving each other some space, you know? We had some small arguments and now he’s moved to Montana, he’s with his new gym there, he’s training. I don’t know exactly what his plans are for MMA, but I root for him. I know he has great potential, not only as a fighter but also as a great teacher, a great man. I’m rooting for him, and I’m also curious, like everybody else, to know what he’ll do next.”

But despite of his family issues – Gracie is still watching the UFC. He recently accused Gilbert Burns of using PEDs following the praise Burns received for his duel with Khamzat Chimaev.