McGregor who? Belal Muhammad claims he too is in talks to coach TUF

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming season of UFC reality series. First, Conor McGregor indicated he was approached about a coaching position on the infamous reality contest that once determined the fate of the entire promotion.

McGregor detailed:

Just a day later, Tony Ferguson also shared that he was in talks with the UFC brass to coach against Team McGregor.

But apparently UFC isn’t dead set on a lightweight season – according to TMZ, Belal Muhammad has been approached to coach against Colby Covington.

Muhammad previously shaded McGregor over TUF interest on twitter and declared that the Irish sports star is only trying to raise his profile for the upcoming release of his movie that’s co-starring Jake Gyllenhall.

“Like I said, I’m a guy that’s looking to I want one more fight than the title shot. So we were I was in talks to fight Colby Covington. That was a fight that was I was in talks to fight and I was just waiting for that deal to get signed. And Colby Covington is the guy that Dana White said.” – Muhammad explained he was offered the TUF coaching spot.

“If it’s not Usman, the champion, it would be Colby Covington. So that’s the guy I want to beat. That’s the guy I want to fight. Khamzat’s moving up to 185lbs, moving up to middleweight. So there was no fight there. So I think that me and Colby Covington made a lot of sense. All right. How does the fight look between you and Colby in there?”

Interestingly, Muhammad shared that he had heard from a friend that Covington won’t be taking any gigs until his damage claims against Masvidal are settled.


“I ask, what? is (Covington) fighting? Oh, he’s not fighting for a year. He’s going to be he’s not gonna be fighting for a while. And then I’m looking at it like they say, why?”

“I’m assuming because he’s claiming brain damage with the court case. And I know like some lawyers, like injury lawyers. And he is like, yeah, when somebody comes in claiming brain damage, like all I hear is cha-ching.”