(Video) Belal Muhammad explains Covington out indefinitely because of health claim in suit against Masvidal

One of the biggest incidents last year was when Jorge Masvidal posted on social media basically confirming reports that he had gotten in altercation with Colby Covington outside of a MIami stake house.

Covington phoned the police and the report was once again confirmed when blurry images of him on scene emerged.

Thus far, it’s been confirmed that Covington suffered damage to his Rolex watch, had chipped a tooth and had skin abrasions.

This wasn’t Masvidal’s first brush with the law, and the case is still in progress with both Covington and Masvidal mostly staying out of the public eye.

Now another rising Welterweight explained what he’d heard about Covington’s lack of willingness to return to the UFC cage. Belal Muhammad told Joe Rogan during a recent appearance:

“I ask, what? is (Covington) fighting? Oh, he’s not fighting for a year. He’s going to be he’s not gonna be fighting for a while. And then I’m looking at it like they say, why?”

“I’m assuming because he’s claiming brain damage with the court case. And I know like some lawyers, like injury lawyers. And he is like, yeah, when somebody comes in claiming brain damage, like all I hear is cha-ching.”

“Like, I know that I’m going to get paid for it because you could claim like future injuries or anything like that, like stuff that’s going to happen in the future. So and the court can’t do anything like, well, we’ll wait ten years before you let you get paid or anything.”

“And if you’re suing Masvidal, who’s worth millions of dollars and you’re claiming brain damage and then see you take a fight, the public can be like, right, you got to take a fight.”

Covington has been out of action since March of last year. He is still ranked on UFC’s official website.