Dana White condemns Colby Covington for pressing charges against Masvidal

UFC president Dana White chose to remain silent about the controversy between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal at first. Yesterday, he finally spoke put and gave his thoughts on the incident.

Following their bout at UFC 272 last month, Jorge Masvidal brawled with his longtime teammate Colby Covington at a restaurant in Miami. Colby’s jibes directed at Masvidal’s family drove him to stage an assault  on Covington in a public area.

Colby Covington called Masvidal a ‘deadbeat father’ ahead of their fight. Some people believe that Masvidal was overreacting and Colby never insulted his family. However, nobody knows what Colby has said behind the scenes. The UFC president Dana White sided with Masvidal on this matter.

During his appearance on the recent episode of The Pat McAfee show, White said The 52-year-old believes dragging someone’s family is crossing the line.

“When you’re dealing with a guy like Jorge Masvidal, and you start talking about his family? All these fighters … say what you want to say about me, you hate me, you think I’m ugly, I’m stupid, whatever. But when you start talking about people’s families, it goes to a whole other level, man.” White said.

Dana White also added that Colby Covington kind of deserves to get punched for the trash talk he did to Masvidal.

“You talk about people’s families and you’re walking out of a restaurant, you better be ready for a guy like Jorge Masvidal to run up on you. Is anyone shocked? He talked s**t about his kids and his wife, you think that he’s not going to do that? Of course he’s going to do that.” White added.

The funny thing is that Jorge Masvidal used to insult someone else’s family as well. Back during his heated beef with Ben Askren, Masvidal trash talked Askren and his family.

Even though Dana White seems to support Masvidal, he can’t do anything to help ‘Gamebred’ as he is due in court on April 21. On the other hand for Colby, he will get a fight against the winner of Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns this weekend.