Joe Rogan masterfully dodges question after boxing superstar Terence Crawford brings up UFC pay model

Terence Crawford stands out as an exceptional boxer, yet few are aware of his wrestling background. The undisputed welterweight champion recently said that he would want to compete in the UFC.

Crawford recently graced the JRE show hosted by Joe Rogan, using the platform to share some candid insights about the world of UFC.

Crawford revealed a compelling desire to test himself in the realm of MMA, particularly if it involves a bout against Conor McGregor. Joe questioned Crawford about his possibility of participating in an MMA match and said that Crawford was one of the few great boxers who could wrestle.

In response, Crawford said that he wouldn’t be compensated enough for taking kicks and elbows during an MMA battle. Crawford poked fun at the pay structure by saying, “$5000 to show up, $5000 to win.”

Delving deeper into the conversation, weight-cutting emerged as a significant topic. Both Crawford and Rogan acknowledged the pivotal role of water levels in the body and its relation to knockouts during matches. The discussion between Joe and Crawford then turned to how MMA has tighter weight-cutting rules than boxing.

This was corroborated by Terence Crawford, who recalled the challenging weight-cutting procedure for his friends in MMA. He is still surprised by how much weight they shed in a single day.

Crawford went on to propose a potential solution to this problem: introducing additional weight classes in MMA. This strategic shift could alleviate some of the challenges posed by extreme weight-cutting while promoting combatants’ well-being.

Terence Crawford’s recent win over Errol Spence Jr. has positioned him as a prominent figure in the spotlight. He is the first one to hold undisputed titles in two weight divisions at once.

Notably, Crawford’s distinction lies not only in his boxing acumen but also in his wrestling capabilities. Crawford showed off his wrestling prowess in a recent video that has been extensively shared online.

Former NCAA champion Bo Nickal acknowledged Crawford’s abilities. Additionally, Terrence Crawford coached his boys in wrestling while still in high school.