(Video) Boxer headbutts opponent during weigh ins

Australian-footballer Barry Hall landed a headbutt on Sonny Bill Williams as the two faced off during the weight-ins.

Hall is a former professional Australian-rules footballer that picked up boxing at the end of his career. He is scheduled to face Newzealander Rugby athlete and professional boxer Sonny Bill Willams.

‘Big Bad Barry’ and Williams were facing off for a stare-down at Tuesday’s weigh-in when Hall forced his forehead into the face of Williams.

The discrepancy in boxing experience becomes apparent when you look at both of their records. Williams is an undefeated boxer with 8 bouts and 3 TKOs, while Hall only had one boxing match in 2019 that resulted in a draw against Paul Gallen.

Also, the age difference can be a significant factor in the match. Williams is 36-years-old while Hall is nearly 10 years older with 45 years of age.

However, that won’t stop Barry Hall from putting on a show. The Australian is looking to pick up his first career win and then rematch Paul Gallen before he officially retires from combat sports.

Hall also believes that his “inexperience” might actually come as an advantage for the fight. He states that he had the chance of looking for lots of footage of how Sonny Bill Williams fights, while his opponent will step up to the ring without former knowledge of how Hall fights.

“I do see that as an advantage,” Hall said.

“But watching him and his technique and all those sorts of things he has improved as well, so we can’t discount that.”

“They’ve only seen me with a limited camp where I hadn’t really worked on technique or boxing or ring IQ and all those sorts of things which has come a long way in this camp.”

Despite only having one fight in his record, Hall grew up as a Junior boxer before picking up Australian Football as a career.

He was known for his brutal style of playing the sport and went viral for knocking an opponent out in the middle of a football match.

The two fighters will be headlining a boxing event by the name of “Turf War”, happening on March 23 in Sydney, Australia.