“Don’t beg for crumbs from Joke Paul” – Dillon Danis Attacks Helwani On Twitter

Connor McGregor’s grappling coach, Dillon Danis, always finds a way to get his name on the headlines. Previously, ‘El Jefe’ had a lengthy beef with the celebrity boxer Jake Paul – and it wasn’t one sided either Paul famously enlisted the help of Brendan Schaub to ambush Danis and pummel water balloons at him. Recently, Danis slammed MMA journalist, Ariel Helwani in a continuation of their beef.

The instigator of the Nurmagomedov crowd jumping took to his Twitter account to post a series of tweets aimed at Helwani after Helwani dropped some hard truths about Dillon Danis.

“Ariel It’s bad enough you’ve been fired by every media outlet Don’t beg for crumbs from joke paul by attacking me Just fade into oblivion.”

In the next one, Danis started to slam Helwani’s writing skills and even slammed Helwani’s physical appearance.

“Took me a while to read your insipid, bland, lifeless, Junior High “Journalism”. You’re a terrible writer What did you do with the money your Mommy gave you for writing lessons? God knows you didn’t buy a gym membership with it Your arms look like car antennas”

“You’re a guy with ONE Shirt and ZERO Original Ideas. If you couldn’t beg fighters into giving you the material you’d be making money being fluffier for your wife’s boyfriend.”

“You’re lucky you weren’t born before cars had power steering or your wife would have to park the car. Your autobiography is going to be called: NOBODY LEFT TO GET FIRED BY”

The Twitter rants continued and become more intense. On the last one, Dillon Danis also called Helwani a “boring dweeb”.

“And DON’T text me from your 7-Eleven Burner Phone and say it’s “all good” You’re a TWO FACED BUM Go play w/your WWE action figures, You BORING DWEEB.”

Ariel Helwani clearly hurt Danis with his assertions previously. This in turn resulted with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace rantingonline. Dillon Danis got the taste of his own medicine of annoying a lot of people for the past years.

It’s also worth noting that Danis is finally back to training after going through two knee reconstructions.


Meanwhile Helwani answered by releasing their DMs