Dillon Danis references Logan Paul forest video, Logan Paul brings Danis meme cake

In a highly dramatic press conference paving the way for their co-main event on October 14 at Manchester’s AO Arena, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis left no stone unturned to create a spectacle.

Dillon Danis is a renowned MMA competitor and teammate of MMA icon Conor McGregor. He stepped onto the stage at Wembley Arena, sporting an eye-catching choice of headwear. It was an alien-themed Toy Story beanie hat and seemed to be taking a not-so-subtle jab at Logan Paul.

What added a layer of intrigue to Danis’s hat choice was its history. This very hat was similar to the one worn by Logan Paul in his infamous ‘s**cide forest’ video.

The video was shot in Aokigahara, a forest near Mt. Fuji in Japan. It stirred massive controversy due to its insensitive content. Paul and his friends were shown in the video standing near a deceased body, leading to widespread backlash.

After the video became viral, Logan Paul ended up getting cancelled. The fallout from the video even severed Paul’s ties with Dwayne Johnson.

During the press conference, Logan Paul unveiled a poster featuring an image of Dillon Danis being restrained by a security guard. Furthermore, Paul surprised everyone by presenting a birthday cake. The cake portrayed Dillon Danis lying there after getting knocked out.

The cake also paid homage to an infamous picture Danis is often memed with.

The charged atmosphere saw emotions escalate to a boiling point. Tempers flared, and the infamous hat was thrown in Logan Paul’s direction. The press conference went on to turn into chaos.

The chaos extended to physical actions as portions of the cake were hurled towards Dillon Danis. Security personnel swiftly intervened to prevent the situation from spiraling into a full-blown brawl.

The live broadcast on DAZN captured the incident, leading to the premature conclusion of the press conference. Face-offs and media interactions were cut short due to the escalating mayhem.

Adding to the chaos, Tommy Fury’s father John Fury unleashed his frustration. In a fit of rage, he kicked tables and disrupted the proceedings. The trigger for his explosive outburst was KSI’s accusation that Tyson Fury was avoiding Oleksandr Usyk in favor of a bout against MMA icon Francis Ngannou.

After the dust settled and tensions subsided, KSI and Fury returned for a tense face-off. But both Logan Paul and Dillon Danis opted to leave the venue, putting an end to the eventful press conference.