Chris D’Elia Roasts Spotify Amidst Joe Rogan Controversy

Comedian Chris D’Elia is slowly testing the water and rolling out a comeback. Of course for the cancelled comedian a comeback might not be as easy as it is for Joe Rogan to come back to his commentating job for the UFC. After all Rogan has full support of UFC president Dana White. 

Of course D’Elia has an axe to grind. His guest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast was one of the first to be removed once the catalogue was moved to Spotify. In addition to D’Elia, the episodes featuring one of Rogan’s oldest friends Bryan Callen were also removed. Callen was cancelled several months after D’Elia by the LA times after an actress  claimed he had sexually assaulted her.

Meanwhile D’Elia brutally mocked the scrutiny Rogan and Spotify are facing following the N word gate that had been suspected as the reason he was missing from the UFC 271 coverage.

“What, What are you talking about? Wait a minute, you’re saying that, because hold on, hold on. Did he get sick or something? Did he not wear a mask?”

Of course it’s easy for D’Elia to mock considering he’s effectively been deplatformed. D’Elia was sacked by his agent and digitally removed from blockbuster Army of the Dead after the news about his messaging of minors was exposed by LA Times.

D’Elia continued in a segment hosted on his own channel.

“Spotify, first of all Spotify talking like taking any road to where it’s like free speech is hilarious. They’re so woke Spotify. But besides being woke as s–t. But above all, besides being woke and liberal is, above all, the dollar is what speaks. As long as I can stack my money in a pyramid that touches the sky, I’ll be right, left, centrist, from Mars, I don’t give a f–k. And that’s everybody, Okay? It’s everybody in big business, tell you that much. ”

Later D’Elia added:  “But but the mainstream media obviously is lying, because clicks. Mainstream media is obviously lying, because clicks. Rogan’s got $100 million, he’s not lying. Right? He’s just saying what he thinks. And then he has other people with opposing views on, sometimes views of his and sometimes opposing views. And, you know, he talks to him, sometimes he beats him up, sometimes they get the best of them, but they usually have a grown up conversation. ”

D’Elia here has a gripe. While some of his right wing friends think this is a victory for free speech D’Elia disagrees.

“So Spotify is like, Hey, uh, see ya. Rogan provides a bump. So Neil Young, see ya. And now people on the right. It’s hilarious. Because they’re like, “Today’s a great day for free speech,”. I have my buddy text me: “Great day for free speech,”. And I’m like, you f—ing moron. Spotify doesn’t care about free f—ing speech and the slightest. They care about stacking their money in a pyramid until it touches the sky. That’s all they care about. Make no f—ing mistake. If Neil Young was that motherf—er that helped them stack racks in a pyramid until it touched the sky. There’d be no Rogan. They don’t give a f++k. It’s about bags and that’s it. It’s about bags. And that’s it.”


Previously D’Elia fact checked Brendan Schaub when he praised Spotify CEO as “Anti Woke”.