Joe Rogan Removed From UFC 271 Commentary

Joe Rogan has been weathering a media storm caused by resurfacing of his old clips. While many believe that Rogan is an alt right media troll his friends in the independent journalism have stuck by him.


But the UFC might not be sticking by their long time commentator thanks to their corporate overlords. You might remember that The Rock pulled his endorsement of Rogan. This is perhaps a good gage of how William Morris Endeavor aka Endeavor (UFC’s parent company sees Rogan). The Rock is Endeavor’s bannerman and has been for years – and he’s also deeply entrenched with the UFC having tried to facilitate the making of the Mark Kerr movie in addition to his shoe sponsorship.

The biopic is still in development however it’s looking like it won’t materialize. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a longtime part of Ari Emanuel’s stable of clients – and has been with WME (later renamed to just E aka Endeavor) for a number of years.

The odd part about UFC partnering with THe Rock x Under Armour is that no actual model was announced – just the partnership.

A UFC official confirmed to The NY Post that Rogan will not be on for Saturday’s event, citing a scheduling conflict. He remains scheduled to be on color commentary for UFC 272 in March.

Considering Rogan had no stand up dates scheduled this is highly unlikely to be true. Additionally Bisping was tapped to be the late replacement and even live tweeted getting on a plane.

Another potential reason the UFC might distance themselves from Rogan is due to their partnership with ESPN. As we all know ESPN is owned by Disney and the Mickey Mouse corporation doesn’t look to kindly towards media infractions such as the ones Rogan had been accused of in days leading up to UFC 271.