Brendan Schaub Praises Spotify CEO As Anti Woke – It Hilariously Backfires

Brendan Schaub is a former MMA fighter that owes his career in broadcasting to Joe Rogan. He’s also a bit of a dimwit. Which leads us to the following segment from his show.

In case you’re not aware – Joe Rogan’s Podcast has become a highly politicized topic. This is because Rogan refuses to bow down to the norms mainstream media tries to push and has been doing his best to talk to a variety of different specialist on all sides of the pandemic issue. This has lead to his twitter and his youtube getting content taken down. In terms of the actual content there are two episodes, according to Rogan himself that are the target of the majority of criticism the episodes starring Dr. Peter McMcCullough and Peter Malone.

Now Rogan himself has been the target of huge criticism following some meme like conversations – notably this one:

But with the Spotify shares dropping – something had to be done. Part of it meant that Joe Rogan would be issuing a personal statement and a different part of it is the Spotify’s actual response. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek had to respond the barrage of criticism this weekend. Ek said Spotify would add a content advisory to any podcast episode that contains COVID-19 “discussion.” Ek’s statement didn’t mention Rogan by name at all.

Still comedian Brendan Schaub is convinced of Ek’s virtue. Here’s what he had to say on the topic:

“Spotify is owned by a savage of a man and he Swedish. He doesn’t partake in any of this woke and all this s*it.”

Schaub’s point is immediately countered by Chris D’elia saying: “A little bit.”

Still Schaub was content to hammer his point: “He doesn’t, How? In what form?”

To this D’elia simply explains: “My episodes aren’t on there.”

D’elia had suffered a public fall from grace in September of 2020 when it was revealed the comedian would initiate ‘friendships’ with underaged fans via snapchat and instagram DMs. This resulted in D’elia’s erasure from the hit movie Army of the dead. He had also been ghosted by majority of his comedian friends with many of them erasing the episodes featuring D’elia.