Boxer Ryan Garcia cashes in $32,500 at World Series of Poker event

Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia is not only making waves in the ring but also at the prestigious World Series of Poker.

Garcia recently lost a high-profile clash against Gervonta “Tank” Davis by a 7th round knockout. However, he is now showcasing his skills at the poker table.

For those unfamiliar with the World Series of Poker, it is one of the most renowned poker events globally, attracting players from around the world. The main event offers a massive prize pool, with this year’s edition totaling over $93 million. Participants pay a hefty $10,000 entry fee for a chance to compete and win the coveted bracelet awarded to the champion.

Day 4 of the tournament had  Garcia holding the 246th position out of 1,517 remaining players. With nearly 700,000 chips, he was in a favorable position to make a deep run. A total of 1,507 players will cash in the tournament, securing a minimum payout of $15,000.

On Day 2, he saw his chip count drop to a mere 7,000 chips, a far cry from the initial 60,000 chips each player starts with. However, Garcia managed to rally and ended Day 2 with 36,500 chips. During Day 3, he climbed as high as 62nd on the chip count.

While the tournament is far from over, reaching the money stage of the World Series of Poker is a notable accomplishment, particularly for someone who is not a professional poker player. The tournament will conclude on July 17th, and the ultimate winner will walk away with a staggering prize of over $12 million.

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Garcia finished out in 566th place. That means he won $32.500.

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Besides Ryan Garcia and Colby Covington, in the combat sports world UFC president Dana White is known as a passionate gambler who even managed to get banned from several casinos. However White is more likely to play blackjack than poker.