(Video) Florida man enters women’s Poker tournament, cleans out

A 70-year-old man named David Hughes recently won a women’s only poker tournament in Florida, taking home $5,555 in prize money.

The victory, however, came at the expense of the tournament’s integrity and raised questions about the need for female-only spaces in the world of poker.

Hughes entered the “Ladies No-limit Hold’em” tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Deltona, Florida, by exploiting a loophole in the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

These laws require that men be allowed to enter women’s casino events, despite the fact that these events are specifically designed for women.

The tournament had 83 participants, including Hughes, who managed to win the competition despite standing out as the only male player in the hall.

Recently a somewhat similar chess scandal occurred when 25-year-old Kenyan chess player, Stanley Omondi, disguised himself as a woman, wearing a burqa, to participate in the country’s female open chess tournament.

Organizers got suspicious of Omondi’s winning streak, which led to his gambit being exposed.

One of the female competitors filmed Hughes at the table during the final and expressed her frustration at his presence, putting a bounty on his head in an attempt to eliminate him from the tournament.

However, Hughes managed to recover from his initial setbacks and eventually took home the grand prize, leaving the other participants disappointed and annoyed.

Professional poker player Charlie Carrel took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the situation, acknowledging that while it was amusing, it also highlighted the need for female-only spaces in the world of poker.

Despite the fact that men are legally allowed to enter women’s poker tournaments in Florida, the need for these spaces is clear.

Mixed-gender poker events can often be uncomfortable and even dangerous for women, and the existence of women-only spaces helps to provide a safe and welcoming environment for female players.

In conclusion, while David Hughes’ victory may have been technically legal, it raised important questions about the need for female-only spaces in the world of poker.

While it is important to respect anti-discrimination laws, it is equally important to ensure that women have access to safe and welcoming spaces where they can compete without fear of harassment or intimidation.