BKFC’s Britain Hart pissed over flashing incident: Slap in the face for real athletes

BKFC women’s contender Britain Hart slammed Tai Emery. Emery found notoriety recently after delivering a great finish which she followed up with a highly unorthodox act of celebration.

After the referee halted the bout, Emery ran to the side of the ring, climbed the ropes and struck gold when her NSWF celebration went viral. Even though the act unheard of in professional sports, it was warmly received by the crowd and nothing new for the star considering she used to play American football clad in under wear.

The viral celebration widespread on social media and caught the attention of famous adult star Kendra Lust. Lust herself has tried to promote herself in the MMA community by offering Mike Perry money to be one of his cornermen.

Hart believes the gesture is a slap to the face for hard-working athletes.

While the majority of fans were happy and didn’t find it problematic, some believe such a gesture is very inappropriate, including number 1 BKFC women’s flyweight Britain Hart.

Recently, the 32-year-old was asked about her opinion on Tai Emery’s viral moment. Hart made it clear that she doesn’t hate Emery but her main concern is how the gesture would affect the audience.

“But here are my two takeaways: One, it can be interpreted as a slap in the face to real, hard-working fighters who are in the gym slaving away every day and they go out there after a good performance and act like an athlete and a fighter. Now, you have this girl, and it’s going to be, ‘Who is going to be booked for fights? Who is going to sell more tickets?’” Hart told media.

Hard believes actual hard-working athletes who don’t promote their looks like Emery would definitely get sidelined and outshined.

She added,

“Now she’s going to sell more tickets. Her following went up, everyone’s like, ‘I’ll pay to watch that girl fight any day.’ Of course, the fact that she got — what people say was — a clean knockout, it is what it is, but it’s her first fight. I think you should have to work up and earn a little more cred for someone to always want to watch them fight based on their skill.”

Hart concluded and said:

“It just leads to a pattern. Now her following has jumped up and everyone’s going to want to watch her to see that side of her. Other fighters might not do that and they don’t get appreciated for her skills as much, but I can kind of let that one go because she did get a knockout, or whatever.”

Britain Hart has been competing with BKFC since 2018 and has spent her entire run in the flyweight division. She has competed 7 times with an MMA record consisting of 4 wins and 7 losses. She is slated to face Charisa Sigala at BKFC 29 on September 10.