What is the Miller-Ayala Act that Tony Ferguson talked about at the UFC 274 media day? Here’s why he mentioned it

Tony Ferguson has been firing off at the UFC. He criticized Dana White for his comments about boxing, he’s spoken out about the lack of respect and care from the UFC and he brought up an interesting piece of legislation.

“I’m waiting for insurance. I’ve been competing in this sport a long time. I took a bad fall at FOX, they took my title from me. You know, I don’t even have to go into the Miller-Ayala Act where an agent is not supposed to be competing in the same sport as you…”

What is the Miller-Ayala act?


Miller-Ayala act is a piece of regulation that’s meant to regulate relations between professional athletes and their agents.  As per California Legislative Information

“Under this act, an agent is required to file with the Secretary of State specified information about his or her background, training, and experience and to advise an athlete of the availability of this information.”

“The act also requires the athlete agent to establish a trust fund and deposit into it all funds received on behalf of the athlete.

“The act includes specified conflict-of-interest provisions pertaining to the activities of an athlete agent.”

Why did Tony Ferguson mention the Miller-Ayala act?


Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor coexisted in the lightweight division during the peak of their success. Ferguson had an incredible winning streak and McGregor’s star was on a meteoric rise. At the time they shared an agent – Audie Attar.

This is perhaps why they were never matched together at the time. With the rise of McGregor he was taking Attar along and the two were reportedly partners in a number of business ventures including the lucrative Proper 12.

This is why Ferguson is invoking Miller-Ayala act – at the time of his accident he was effectively represented by Paradigm Sports Management – company that had McGregor as one of its shareholders – as evidenced by the following tweet from McGregor himself.

I don’t even have to go into the Miller-Ayala Act where an agent is not supposed to be competing in the same sport as you…””

Ferguson would fire Paradigm Sports Management and sensationally claim that he is owed $500,000 by Conor McGregor and his former management company Paradigm Sports Management after they ‘manipulated the system to do bad business’ behind his back.

Ferguson went on to sign with the  Ballengee Group – in part because they represent a number of baseball players.

McGregor explained at the time:

“I love Tony. We represented him amazingly at Paradigm sports and were betrayed for a promise of a baseball contract. But frame and preparation here was just embarrassing. His methods and conversation are humorous/enjoyable but he was never the level perceived. Although tough,”


Ferguson also relented about not suing the UFC when they chose to strip him of the interim title thanks to the accident he suffered.