(Video) Vintage Joe Rogan chastises Eddie Bravo and stops him from mentioning his Net Worth in 2009 episode

Prior to the 2020 Spotify deal, most of Joe Rogan Experience listeners took Rogan as a ‘Regular Joe’ and were aware of his industry connections but didn’t exaclty attribute generational wealth to him.

A recently surfaced video clip from the early days of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast is going viral among Rogan’s fanbase. In the clip, Rogan’s longtime friend and recurring guest Eddie Bravo appears to be on the verge of revealing details about Rogan’s personal finances and net worth. However, Rogan quickly shuts down the conversation before any specifics are divulged.

The video begins with Bravo commenting on envying Rogan’s employment of a business manager to handle his taxes and finances, saying “you never worried about shit since I’ve known you, you just have a credit card and you don’t worry about s**t.”

Bravo then alludes to Rogan having amassed considerable wealth, stating “I remember a couple times you told me ‘go man, I could have two million in the bank.'” However, before he can elaborate further, Rogan interjects with “Alright, I didn’t want to disclose that, okay?”

He then swiftly changes the subject by asking Bravo “So anyway, do you like comic books?” effectively shutting down any further discussion about his net worth and personal finances.

The candid exchange offers a rare glimpse into Rogan’s famously private approach to his personal life and wealth. Despite his rise to become one of the world’s highest-paid and most popular podcasters and entertainers, Rogan has been selective in revealing details about his earnings and net worth over the years.

While majority of Rogan’s wealth now comes from the culturally monumental podcast, he was on 96 episodes of Newsradio at a time when being on the show meant perpetually receiving residuals. Newsradio ran from 1995 until 1999 and had 95 episodes. Standard for syndication was a 100 but the show abruptly ended after the murder of main star Phil Hartman. This meant Newsradio would syndicate at a significantly lower fee, and would require a 2 year license as opposed to 5.

From there, Rogan went on to host the Fear Factor for 153 episodes that aired from 2001 until 2012. It’s estimated Rogan grossed around $15M thanks to the show.

The video clip is proving entertaining for Rogan’s dedicated fanbase, who have eaten up any new glimpse they can get into the personal life and behind-the-scenes dynamics of the legendary comedian and commentator. It’s a humorous reminder that even in the early days of his podcast, Rogan preferred to keep his financial details close to the vest.