Try Not to Cringe While Watching the New MMA Meta: Achilles Stomps

The world of Mixed Martial Arts has witnessed a significant shift in recent times, and the latest development is leaving many fans cringing in their seats. The new MMA Meta, a highly anticipated tournament, has been met with widespread criticism and ridicule.

At the forefront of this controversy is the Rizin development, described like this during the commentary, “I think people are just not used to seeing this level of competition… They’re going to have to get used to it.”

Many fans and analysts are attributing the backlash to the unorthodox move, which seems to prioritize targeting a specific tendon over sporting merit.

The new MMA Meta might be a success, considering how hard it is to recover from an achilles tendon rupture. However, with many fans and analysts expressing their discontent, it remains to be seen whether the tournament will be able to shake off its cringe-worthy reputation.

Jamahal Hill suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon while playing basketball during UFC 290 week. Despite his long history of playing basketball for cardio and weight cutting, the injury occurred unexpectedly. Hill shared details of his injury and recovery plan in a video on his official channel, acknowledging that a ruptured Achilles can happen in various ways, and unfortunately, it happened to him in this instance. As a result of this injury, Hill has been sidelined from action for over a year. He just made a return at UFC 300 – and even booked a second return.

Now MMA fans can be ruthless – this is why they’ve been nonstop tagging and messaging his next opponent Khalil Rountree about this peculiar new tactic.


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