(Video) Usyk snaps at Fury for mocking his earring:

In a riveting exchange before their highly anticipated undisputed title clash in Saudi Arabia on February 17, Oleksandr Usyk countered Tyson Fury’s jokes about his earrings during a special face-to-face interview.

Usyk will square off against Fury on February 17 in an attempt to unite the division for the first time since Lennox Lewis defeated Evander Holyfield in March 1999.

The interview was conducted by Steve Bunce for TNT and was initially intended to air closer to the fight. However, leaked clips have already generated buzz.

The exchange unfolds as WBC champion Fury ridicules Usyk for sporting an earring in his left earlobe.

Rather than retaliating, Usyk took a poised approach. He explained that the earring symbolizes his ‘Cossack lineage,’ representing the warriors who defended Ukraine for generations. He expressed wearing the ‘warrior’ emblem out of respect for those who valiantly protected the nation.

Fury initiated the banter, asserting: “I know he can’t beat me, I know he can’t. A man who wears an earring can never beat Tyson Fury, ever. Not a chance, no-one who wears earrings can beat him.”

However, Usyk calmly responded. He said: “I can explain about the earrings. It’s Ukrainian warrior, Cossack. They were the people who defended my country from our enemies for many years.”

He emphasized the earring as evidence of his lineage’s undefeated history, dismissing any notions of beauty or fashion in the symbolism. He continued: “This is just the proof of my Cossack lineage – they never lost to anybody. There is no beauty or fashion in this.”

However, Fury responded by saying: “Listen in Ukraine it means he’s a good fighting man, for him. But where I’m from it means he’s a p***y with an earring in.”

Fans took to social media, praising Usyk for humbling the Gypsy King. Some even humorously shared old photos of Fury wearing earrings.

Usyk previously said that he would rather show his performance in the ring on February 17 when present at the London press conference held last month. Meanwhile, Fury seeks redemption after a less-than-convincing performance against former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in October 2023.

Though Fury secured victory via split decision, many felt Ngannou had done enough to win. Some speculated that the close call was to safeguard Fury’s scheduled bout with Usyk.