(Video) That Time Mike Tyson Couldn’t Get the Cable Name Right

A hilarious video of boxing legend Mike Tyson struggling to pronounce a cable network’s name recently went viral again on social media. The clip is from 1995 when Tyson was promoting his upcoming fight against Peter McNeeley.

In the promo video, the former undisputed heavyweight champion was supposed to say: “Hi, I’m Mike Tyson. Watch me beat Peter McNeeley on Showtime.” However, Tyson had an enormously difficult time getting the name “Showtime” out correctly.

After several failed attempts, with Tyson mangling the cable name as “Salmone Communications” and other flubs, the usually fierce and intimidating boxer got visibly flustered. He ultimately laughed it off and jokingly pushed the director off his chair in humorous frustration.

Despite the promotional snafu, Tyson did indeed go on to easily defeat McNeeley in that 1995 fight, with McNeeley being disqualified after his manager entered the ring.

The clip perfectly captured Tyson’s larger-than-life persona and provided a rare look at his lighter, more humorous side away from the ring’s gritty violence. While feared for his fearsome aura and knockout power, the promotional blooper showed Tyson didn’t always take himself too seriously.

The resurfaced video is giving fans a laugh nearly 30 years later as Tyson, now 57, prepares for an exhibition bout against YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on July 20th. It will be Tyson’s first official bout since retiring from professional boxing in 2005 with a storied 50-6-2 record.

The highly-anticipated event is being billed as a clash between old school and new age celebrity boxing personas. While Paul’s fledgling promotional company is putting on the show, they are surely banking on Tyson’s enduring fame and mic skills being sharper than in that memorably hilarious 1995 cable name fail.