(Video) UFC’s Payton Talbott Celebrated Mother’s Day Pole Dancing with His Family

UFC rising talent Payton Talbott had an unorthodox way of celebrating Mother’s Day this year – by pole dancing with his family while showering them with money from a cash gun.

In a viral video shared by Talbott’s mother, Dr. Talbott, the family can be seen purchasing a money gun, a device that rapidly shoots out paper bills or fake money. However, instead of just using it for fun, the Talbotts took it a step further.

With pink lighting setting the mood, Payton and his siblings decided to act like strippers, pole dancing while being rained on by the money gun’s barrage of cash. While not quite at a professional level, the Talbotts showed impressive athleticism and moves on the pole. Payton and his brothers struggled at times to maintain their positions, but his sister Celeste moved flawlessly.

The hilarious Mother’s Day celebration quickly went viral on social media, providing MMA fans with an entertaining glimpse into the fun family dynamics of the rising UFC star.

The 25-year-old Talbott is undefeated at 8-0 in his young professional MMA career. After winning a UFC contract on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2022, he has picked up two victories inside the octagon with wins over Nick Aguirre and Cameron Saaiman.

In a recent interview following his impressive win over Cameron Saaiman at UFC Vegas 89, Talbott revealed that he incorporates pole dancing into his training regimen when healthy. When asked about this unique approach, the 27-year-old was candid about the benefits.

“I do pole dancing on and off when I’m healthy,” Talbott stated. “It’s pretty hard to do that within a camp because your body is super tired. But I do that as well as like, gymnastics type stuff.”

Next up, Talbott faces fellow prospect Yanis Ghemmouri (12-2) on the preliminary card of UFC 303 on June 29th in Las Vegas. If his unique Mother’s Day celebration is any indication, Talbott will surely look to put on an entertaining show.