(Video) UFC fans lobby for Arman Tsarukyan to play Elastic Man in Fantastic Four after insane mobility routine goes viral

Armenian UFC sensation Arman Tsarukyan has cemented his position as the top contender in the UFC lightweight division following his remarkable victory over former champion Charles Oliveira. Tsarukyan’s exceptional blend of toughness and skill was prominently showcased during his electrifying performance against Oliveira at UFC 300.

Notably, Tsarukyan’s recent training footage has taken social media by storm. The contender in the training video has also been compared to a beloved DC superhero.

During his bout with Oliveira, Tsarukyan showcased remarkable resilience by successfully defending two choke attempts. His first escape was a testament to sheer determination, while the second showcased his technical prowess. Additionally, Tsarukyan delivered a jaw-dropping axe kick on the Brazilian.

What set Tsarukyan’s axe kick apart was the nearly 180-degree angle he achieved between his legs. This extraordinary feat has only added to his growing support within the MMA community.

A video showcasing Tsarukyan’s rigorous flexibility exercises has garnered significant attention online. In the footage, Tsarukyan demonstrates a series of exercises targeting various muscle groups, including his torso, limbs, and more. His exceptional flexibility has even drawn comparisons to Plastic Man, a beloved character from DC Comics known for his extraordinary elasticity and strength.

Tsarukyan’s journey to the top of the UFC lightweight division has been nothing short of captivating. His recent victory over Oliveira solidified his status as a legitimate title contender.

While the UFC initially offered Tsarukyan a title shot against Islam Makhachev on June 2, he opted to decline and stated that he needed more time for preparation. Consequently, his teammate Dustin Poirier will step into the octagon against Makhachev. The winner will potentially face Tsarukyan in the future.

In the UFC, Arman Tsarukyan made his debut against Islam Makhachev. With the exception of his knockout defeat to Adriano Martins, Makhachev’s most difficult match prior to winning the lightweight title was Tsarukyan. Tsarukyan won back-to-back matches after his defeat and would have become the champion sooner had he not suffered the controversial defeat against Mateusz Gamrot.

In the eyes of many MMA enthusiasts, Arman Tsarukyan represents the best chance of dethroning Islam Makhachev as the reigning champion of the lightweight division. With his formidable wrestling skills, Tsarukyan poses a legitimate threat to Makhachev’s reign. Also, he stands as one of the youngest competitors in the division.

While Tsarukyan currently holds the coveted number-one contender spot, the outcome of Dustin Poirier’s upcoming bout at UFC 302 could potentially alter the landscape of the division. Nonetheless, Makhachev remains a formidable opponent with odds favoring him in his upcoming match against Poirier.