(Video) UFC’s Borshchev is going viral for a horrifying bump he received against Chase Hooper

UFC St. Louis showcased electrifying matchups, but none left as lasting an impression as the clash between lightweight contenders Viacheslav Borshchev and Chase Hooper. The featured prelim bout garnered attention for its intense exchanges and unfortunate outcome.

Hooper controlled and dominated Borshchev for most of the match. Ultimately, Viacheslav Borshchev had a huge bump on his forehead. It was really graphic to see all the blood gushing on his face. Considering the vicious nature of the sport, this is not the first time that fans have seen such incidents.

During the match, Hooper launched a powerful overhand left to start the attack. The Russian was surprised and fell to the ground. Hooper made a first-round jump to the top and then used punches, elbows, and many attempts at submission to smother Borshchev for the whole round.

Chase Hooper continued on his assault in the second round, quickly taking Borshchev to the canvas. The referee stopped the bout when the American lightweight applied a D’Arce choke on Borshchev. Referee Keith Peterson thought that Borschchev tapped once they started rolling. The stoppage did spark a great deal of debate among experts and MMA enthusiasts.

The premature stoppage sparked outrage among fans and drew criticism from former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, who questioned the decision.

Sterling tweeted: “I don’t think he tapped, but it wasn’t looking good. Just sucks to see it stopped early.”

A fan sided with the referee and said the stoppage was a good call.

Controversial decisions are not uncommon in UFC, reflecting the inherent challenges of officiating combat sports. Since the match was so one-sided, there wasn’t a lot of outcry online. Such situations have impacted a number of very important bouts in the past.

While incidents like Borshchev vs. Hooper stir debate, they also show the complexities of maintaining fairness and safety in high-stakes matchups.