(Video) UFC’s Sean Strickland embarrasses self proclaimed self defense expert

Sean Strickland just made an appearance at a venue in Las Vegas. He caused chaos as usual, and jokingly sparred with self-defense instructor Dale Brown. A clip of him tripping the infamous instructor onto a display made of glass is gaining a lot of traction. 

Strickland visited the store for an event and posted two videos about it. The first one shows him trying to jump D.U.S.T’s Dale Brown. Brown, who went viral for his cringey self-defense videos, reacted poorly to Strickland’s attack with a shin kick. 

“Tarzan” captioned the post as follows:

“I ran up on Detroit Taticool to see what he would do and he went with a Shin kick… In my professional opinion I wouldn’t suggest a shin kick when someone runs up on you lol”

Everything seemed swell until he uploaded another clip a while later. It showed Strickland fooling around with the instructor. However, he trips him onto a showcase behind him which falls over. Strickland then proceeds to hide his face in shame. 

He has captioned the second post with the following: 

“Well I will say that felt mildy uncomfortable but I think I should start a self defense program???? What should i call it??? last time I get invited to any events lol”

In response, the venue jokingly commented: “I had 1 ask, please don’t break my glass.”

Others are also quite amused by Strickland’s shenanigans. 

For example, Kevin Casey commented: Everybody else plays along, but not @strickland_mma_ 😂

Vinny Magalhaes wrote: This f**king guy… 😂😂😂

Mitch Aguiar commented: This is why we can’t have nice things! 😂

Strickland’s coach Eric Nicksick wrote: Bull in a f**king China closet. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

Others with similar comments include Tito Ortiz, Brad Tavares, Caio Borralho and Flex Lewis. 

The D.U.S.T. mastermind has become increasingly popular in the MMA community thanks to his meme worthiness . Brown has interacted with several UFC fighters and even a cornered UFC middleweight Joaquin Buckley.

But not everyone in the MMA community takes Brown’s work light-heartedly.

UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten has openly criticized Brown for his “inefficient” techniques.

“You see, guys like that get people killed because they give them a false sense of security,” Rutten said.

“Like that’s why I don’t teach self defense in my class. I always give this example. Imagine I teach someone a knife defense, knives are very dangerous to defend, almost worse than a gun. With a gun, if you’re close by you grab the barrel and you know what to do, its actually easier than a knife… So, imagine I teach a knife defense, and the person who has a friend gets in trouble and somebody pulled a knife. The person then goes ‘step back, I got it they just taught me in class’ but he is going to get stabbed to death. You see that’s the problem.”

“It’s the same thing with the gun defense. When someone [with a gun] is standing behind you and you grab it, it’s the dumbest thing ever. If there is no space between you all they have to is pull the gun and they will shoot you in your head. If someone is in front of me and there is a table in between, I’m not grabbing the gun, all he has to do it pull back.”