Female UFC Fighter Lampoons World’s Worst Self Defense Teacher

Dale Brown is a self-defense trainer in Detroit, and a self-proclaimed master in CQC (Close-quarters Combat), he became well known online in recent months for his self-defense program D.U.S.T. (Detroit Urban Survival Training). His program did not become known for its effectiveness, but rather by how utterly bad it is. Our friends over at rudevulture.com did a deep dive on Brown and discovered some disturbing things about his past.

Are you having trouble being held at gunpoint? No worries! Just let the armed person shoot you and you can grab his gun’s rear before the trigger fully cocks the weapon. Watch the master perform the maneuver:

If you’re interested in seeing more of the D.U.S.T. creator his youtube features his best moments.

As martial artists, Dale Brown’s techniques got the attention of the MMA scene, and a few MMA fighters have interacted with the D.U.S.T. mastermind Dale Brown.

UFC prospect Chase Hopper created a video simulating D.U.S.T. techniques  and fellow UFC Middleweight Joaquin Buckley even visited the master himself to record a video of his techniques.

Detroit self-defense guru Dale Brown Bamboozles UFC fighter

The new addition to Dale Brown parodies comes from the 12th ranked UFC Women’s Strawweight, Angela Hill.

Inspired by Dale Brown, Angela “teaches” how to survive an attack from a UFC heavyweight with the program self-defense that she “created” by the name of ‘Overkill Urban Defense System.

Hill’s acting is so good that one can almost believe that she’s a student to Dave Brown, herself:

Angela Hill shows that now only she’s a great fighter, but she’s also hilariously talented as an actress.


Hill was pleased her attempts at humor were well received by MMA media.