(Video) UFC’s Jamahal Hill gets pranked, overreacts

Jamahal Hill is not exactly the most chill athlete on the UFC roster. This is what one prankster went on to learn the hard way.

Hill was actually set up to get pranked by his manager Brian Butler-Au but he wasn’t able to predict how Jamahal would react.

In the prank, a social media influencer Imreddttv pretends to be on the phone and walks up to hill and makes an inappropriate comment.

Hill quickly changes gears, prompting his manager to overreact and reveal that it was a prank.

Jamahal Hill seemed to be bragging about the way he took it afterwards.

Hill last defeated Johny Walker, producing that face meme and had quite a bit to say about it afterwards.

These are the tamer of Hill’s statements – previously he claimed he took on 9 people in public altercation.