Jamahal Hill claims he manhandled 9 people at the same time in a street situation

UFC Lightheavyweight contender Jamahal Hill is one of the division’s most promising prospects.

Hill became known after making an appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series and winning his fight by TKO over Alexander Poppeck. Since then he earned a UFC contract and has had six fights for the organization, winning three of them by knockout.

During his last fight, Hill faced Johnny Walker for the main event of UFC Vegas 48, and the result couldn’t have been better.

In a contender for knockout of the year, Hill landed a hard right cross that put the Brazilian out cold.

After that highlight win, Hill quickly got the attention of MMA media, so much so that he recently made an appearance on Michael Bisping’s podcast.

During the talk, Bisping and Hill were accompanied by the UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith.

In one moment of the podcast, Bisping decided to ask Jamahal Hill about street fight stories in the past, and it turned out that Hill had a bunch of stories to tell.

“Growing up I got into a lot of fights” Hill states, “And I noticed that when I touched people they go to sleep, I’ve knocked a lot of people out”

“I’ve knocked hundreds of people out”.

Bisping then asked for details about a street fight that Hill was in.

“There was this time, my cousin was riding with some girl and somehow her boyfriend or her ex followed them” Hill starts telling his story, “And my cousin beat the dude up. So a week later we at my cousin’s house. And this dude is like calling saying “me and my boys about to pull up and this and that,”. 2 hours go by and I’m like “I’m going home, and as I’m about to leave, 9 dudes get out of the car”, And three of these dudes are fu**ing huge!”

Hill then joked about the situation

“The thought came to my head that this might be the night we take an “L”

Hill then proceeds to tell the story of how he beat up 9 men at the same time.

“One of them got close to my cousin and he hit him. Then my cousin went down. All nine of these dudes began stomping him. Instantly I hit the dude close to me. Thankfully I had a little bit of training at this point”

“[I threw a]Headkick, the dude goes to sleep,. My causing they yelled at me, there was like three dudes stomping him. First dude, his chin was like lit up in the moon. I knocked him out cold! The other dude o threw a punch and knocked him out too. I’m throwing hitter quitters at this point, I’m hitting nothing but jaw!”

Hill then finishes his story:

“Later, this other dude sees me coming, he just pushed my boy and he started to run, a bunch of these dudes just started going, they started running towards the car.”

Hill’s story can be backed up by the fact that he has crazy knockout power in the octagon. Hill has 12 fights under his record, with 10 wins which 6 were knockouts.

With his latest victory of Johnny Walker, the American entered the top 10 rankings and is expected to face another top 10 fighter this year.