(Video) UFC’s Ian Garry called out for blatantly copying Conor McGregor

In a recent turn of events, Sean Strickland has targeted Ian Garry, the emerging star from Ireland. Often referred to as the ‘Next Conor McGregor,’ Garry carries high expectations on his shoulders.

Strickland’s outspoken comments have set the mixed martial arts world abuzz with discussion and speculation.

In the realm of combat sports, stars must not only demonstrate their physical prowess in the ring but also deal with the scrutiny of their character and resilience.

Sean Strickland, known as ‘Tarzan’ in the UFC, has taken it upon himself to evaluate and label individuals as alpha or beta males. This outspoken middleweight even expressed his opinion on American society, asserting that he perceives Americans as lacking in toughness.

During a recent interview, Strickland openly labeled ‘Machado,’ a reference to Garry, as a beta male. His assertion was based on Garry’s decision to take his wife’s last name.


Strickland’s exact words were, “I don’t like the Irish guy, because he’s a f*king beta male. Didn’t he take his girl’s last name? Yeah, he took his girl’s last name.” Strickland also shared his prediction for Garry’s upcoming fight against Neil Magny at UFC 292, expressing a hope that Garry would lose.

Strickland stated, “So, Ian Garry, I think you’re gonna win. But you’re a fking simp, bro, and I f**king hope you don’t.”

The reaction to Strickland’s comments was swift and diverse, with fans sharing their thoughts on platforms like Reddit. Many fans admired Strickland’s unique sense of humor, despite his reputation as a fierce trash-talker. Some fans believed that if he slightly toned down his approach and focused on marketing himself, he could become even more popular in the MMA community.

Furthermore, Strickland received credit for his candidness, with fans appreciating his willingness to voice his opinions, even if they were controversial. Some even noted that he echoed sentiments shared by many fans but often left unspoken.

As the anticipation builds for Garry’s UFC 292 clash, opinions remain divided on whether Strickland’s predictions will come true. The MMA community eagerly awaits the outcome, while Strickland’s outspoken critique continues to generate buzz. With the fight just around the corner, the question remains: will Strickland’s words resonate in the cage? Share your thoughts on Strickland’s assessment in the comment section below.