(Video) UFC Fans resurface video of 260lbs Bodybuilder dropping Sneako after Strickland incident

An old video recently surfaced on social media showing influencers Bradley Martyn and Sneako engaged in a memorable sparring session at a gym. In this encounter, the 34-year-old Martyn seemed to dominate the 25-year-old Sneako.

The video has sparked significant online discussions.

During the sparring, Martyn not only managed to knock out his lighter opponent but also appeared to chip Sneako’s tooth with a powerful strike. The incident prompted fans to flood the comments section with diverse reactions.

One fan attributed Martyn’s success to years of st*roid use. He stated: ”And do years of st*roids. Fighting arts are unmatched.”

Another fan raised concerns about ‘roid rage’ in bodybuilders, claiming Martyn’s punch was not legal. He commented: ”Roid rage is huge problem with bodybuilders… he hit him behind his head… that ain’t boxing”

A fan questioned the effectiveness of Martyn’s technique. He wrote: ”He simply knocked sneako down with the slowest punch I’ve ever seen sounds like u need to learn more bout fighting”

Adding context to the narrative, Sneako found himself in a face-off with Sean Strickland in a recent stream on February 9, 2024. Strickland walked up to the streamer and told him he wanted to spar with Sneako before he left town. Despite initial hesitations, the ‘red pill’ content creator agreed to a sparring session focused on boxing.

The vast difference in experience and talent between the two was quite evident. Also, the outcome was not in Sneako’s favor as he ended up getting beaten up during the bout.

In the past few months, Bradley Martyn has been stirring controversy. He has particularly beefed with former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

Martyn has boldly asserted his ability to easily defeat high-level professional combatants from smaller weight divisions, relying on his size and strength advantage.

Unfazed by Martyn’s claims, Demetrious Johnson challenged the bodybuilder to a grappling match to debunk his assertions. Despite the significant weight difference, Johnson expressed confidence in neutralizing Martyn’s size advantage during an interview on The MMA Hour.

“I would love to go down there and just grapple him. No animosity. Just, ‘Hey dude, Demetrious Johnson, Bradley Martyn, come on, let’s go. Show me what you got, big man. Big muscle man, what you f**king gonna do, mate?’ Just go out there and play. Now everybody and their f**king mom has taken it to a level.”