(Video) MMA star puts on epic entrance in Cryo chamber – gets KO-ed in 14s

MMA competitors often seize the spotlight with their unique walkouts, showcasing their personality and style. While the UFC imposes strict regulations on walkouts, other promotions offer more creative freedom. This has resulted in memorable entrances that capture fans’ attention.

At the recent KSW 94 event, Polish contender Artur Szpilka made waves with his entrance as he emerged from a Cryo Chamber. This attention-grabbing walkout instantly went viral, drawing parallels to the iconic character Goku from the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Former boxer Szpilka previously faced off against champion Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight belt.

However, Szpilka’s performance fell short. 14 seconds into the bout, Wrzoske won by knockout. He ended up handing Szpilka his first defeat in mixed martial arts.

In the UFC, Israel Adesanya has established himself as a trendsetter with his innovative walkouts. He had danced at the walkout when he defeated Robert Whittaker to win the undisputed middleweight belt. In his match against Jared Cannonier, he walked out with an urn and the WWE superstar The Undertaker’s theme tune. Adesanya’s walkouts are as captivating as his performances inside the octagon.

While walkouts are often seen as a prelude to the main event, they hold significant importance for fans and contender’s alike. Memorable entrances not only energize the crowd but also serve as a reflection of the competitor’s persona and style. Whether it’s paying tribute to pop culture icons or showcasing individuality, unique walkouts have become an integral part of MMA culture.

MMA fans may not be familiar with Artur Szpilka. But he is known to boxing fans as Deontay Wilder’s third championship defense for the WBC title. Following his defeat at the hands of Łukasz Różański for the vacant WBC International bridgerweight championship, Szpilka made the move to mixed martial arts and joined KSW.

Szpilka won the first three bouts of his career in just two rounds. But in Szpilka’s fourth MMA bout at KSW 94, Arkadiusz Wrzosek submitted the former boxer in only 14 seconds.