Dana White stunned by reporter’s request to sign Derrick Lewis cup after mooning incident

In the main event at the Enterprise Center, Derrick Lewis showcased his skills by securing a third-round knockout victory over Rodrigo Nascimento.

Following his win, Lewis treated the audience to his trademark celebration. This has become synonymous with his post-bout victories.

In a surprising turn of events, Lewis went a step further in his celebration this time. After removing his shorts, he waved them in the air and used them to fan Nascimento as he was still recovering on the canvas.

Lewis then tossed his cup on the media table and mooned the crowd. This unexpected display elicited a range of reactions from spectators, sparking debates on social media.

The audience’s response to Lewis’ post-bout antics was divided, with opinions varying from amusement to disapproval. While some fans expressed amusement and praised Lewis for his entertaining performance, others criticized his actions and labelled them as distasteful.

One fan wrote: “There goes half his purse”

Another reacted: “What a disgusting act by Lewis.”

On the other hand, another fan wrote: “Great match! Lewis is a beast! He earned it!”

A different fan commented: “Derrick Lewis is my spirit animal”

Lewis’ victory at UFC St. Louis served as redemption following his loss to Jailton Almerida in November 2023. With this win, Lewis now has an impressive record of 28-12-1 (W-L-NC).

Lewis joked: “I couldn’t let no taxi cab driver from Brazil beat me. This is my first time ever hearing about the guy.”

Lewis previously claimed to be in his prime and joked about “getting too old” for boxing when asked who he would like to face next.

He told Michael Bisping: “S***, what you talking about. I’m gonna sit my a** down for a second, I’m getting too old for this s***. But I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m in my prime, but did you see that s***? You don’t see too many almost-40-year-olds do s*** like that.”

Derrick Lewis’ victory at UFC St. Louis not only showcased his athletic prowess but also provided spectators with a memorable moment they won’t soon forget. As he continues to leave his mark on the sport, Lewis’ legacy as one of the UFC’s most entertaining and skilled contenders is firmly cemented.