(Video) Media member asks Dana White if Cowboy Cerrone can brand her

In an unexpected exchange at a recent UFC event, a media member caught Dana White off guard with an unusual request. The individual, who seemed enthusiastic about the idea, asked the UFC president if she could be branded by none other than Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, the renowned UFC Hall of famer and professional bull rider to-be.

For context, Cerrone recently suffered an injury ahed of participating in a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event, which required him to undergo surgery. The incident sparked a humorous exchange between Dana White and the media member, who was fascinated by the idea of being branded by Cerrone.

As the conversation unfolded, the media member revealed that she had a custom branding iron and was willing to let Cerrone brand her, a prospect that left White incredulous. When asked why she wanted to be branded, she joked that it was for “clout for fun.”

The media member even specified that she wanted the branding to occur on the back of her shoulder. White, however, was unimpressed and responded, “You’re crazy… You look like a really sweet lady. The last thing you need to do is get branded.”

The media member, who claimed to have experience with branding others, persisted, inquiring about the possibility of making it happen. White, however, shut down the idea, saying, “I don’t know. Talk to Eric. Maybe Eric will hook you up with Cowboy.”

This unusual request and exchange have sparked amusement and fascination among fans and observers, offering a glimpse into the more lighthearted side of the UFC.

One person who wasn’t amused? MMA’s most prestigious journalist Ariel Helwani. Helwani took to X to slam what UFC press confrences have become

Helwani writes:

“This is what the UFC wants at their “press conferences.” Make no mistake about it.

The sport has come so far. It has evolved so much. The UFC is on fire. The athletes are more talented than ever.

The “media,” however, has gone backwards. Embarrassing.”

Fellow media member Aaron Bronstteter added:
“She asked Dana to see if Cowboy would brand her “for clout” and then got all angry when she was branded a clout chaser.

Ultimately, if Abbey has a passion for combat sports and/or bull riding, I wish her success at chasing her dreams.”

MMA superfan smoogyMMA explained what the gimmick is:
“If you’re wondering what this sociopath is rambling about: Endeavor owns PBR, Dana owns one of the bulls as a marketing gimmick. Cerrone was set to ride it at an event but suffered a PED injury. She is griping/bragging about being the “only MMA media covering it”. With me so far?”