(Video) Alternative Angle Ribovics Lands Meme Worthy Head Kick Finish on Terrance McKinney

Esteban Ribovics showcased his prowess in a thrilling matchup against Terrance McKinney during the UFC St. Louis preliminary card. The match garnered significant attention and lived up to its hype as Ribovics displayed his dominance with a spectacular knockout victory.

Like McKinney, Esteban had won all of his bouts by finish.

In what was anticipated to be an intense showdown, Ribovics and McKinney wasted no time in engaging each other. From the onset, Ribovics asserted his dominance. He ended up pushing McKinney on the defensive.

As he did, Ribovics moved in. After a series of punches, the Argentinean fired a head kick that struck McKinney in the face with the force of a baseball bat. This ended up leaving McKinney incapacitated.


McKinney seemed to be hurting from what must have seemed like a Mack truck hit-and-run. He sat down right away, barely able to remain composed. The referee arrived right away to wave the bout off.

Ribovics’ victory was swift and decisive, culminating in a remarkable finish that showcased his striking abilities. His strategy of relentless aggression paid off as he executed his game plan flawlessly, securing the win within the first round.

Following the match, Ribovics expressed his satisfaction with his performance. He said: “Not stopping at any time, that was my plan. I visualized it all week, I visualized it all the time, it came true, and I did it.”

Watching his own replay, the lightweight went on to say: “Wow! Now I can see it really right.”

Esteban Ribovics’ sensational knockout victory over Terrance McKinney solidifies his position as a formidable contender in the lightweight division. His exceptional display of skill and determination serves as a testament to his potential in the UFC. As Ribovics continues to ascend in his career, fans can anticipate more electrifying performances from this rising star.

Official Result: Esteban Ribovics def. Terrance McKinney by KO (head kick), Round 1, 0:37