(Video) UFC champ Sean Strickland confronted Ian Garry about calling out his wife

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has garnered immense attention and popularity among MMA enthusiasts owing to his outspoken nature and fearlessness in expressing his views on various subjects.

Strickland has been particularly vocal about Ian Garry, the No.10-ranked welterweight. He made comments on Garry and his marital relationship with Layla Anna-Lee. This situation has stirred significant drama in the combat sport scommunity.

In a recent Instagram post, Strickland recounted an encounter with Ian Garry at the UFC Performance Institute. He described the meeting as awkward, mentioning that both individuals exchanged intense looks, requiring security to intervene during their presence.

Strickland said: “Guys, I went to the P.I. today and I ran into the f**king c*ck Ian Garry. Awkward, man, awkward. He looked at me hard. Security had to escort us around. F**king awkward s**t, right? I’m laughing my a** off, but anyways, Garry, I don’t f**king hate you, dude, I actually like you.”

” I think you’re a f**king funny little dweeb. You make me f**king laugh. I think you’re a dumba** f**king kid who got some p**sy that was too good for him and it got in his head and it f**ked you up.”

He went on to say: “I look at you like a victim. I don’t want to fight you, bro. I’m happy for your success. I’m happy for you, but if you look at me hard and you’re feeling some kind of way that you need to get this s**t f**king handled and you want to look at me hard and that’s what you want, slide up in the DMs, bro. I don’t want it, but if that’s what you want, you know where to find me, man.”

Strickland has been particularly critical of Ian Garry’s marital decisions.  He specifically highlighted Garry’s adoption of his wife’s surname and the alleged living arrangement involving her ex-husband, who reportedly serves as Garry’s nutritionist.

Strickland also made controversial statements about Layla Anna-Lee, insinuating that she pursued Garry due to her desire for continued fame. Additionally, he referred to her as a ‘s*xual predator.’

Strickland stated: “Ian Garry’s wife is a S*XUAL PREDATOR……. She sought out a young athlete to seduce because she’s getting old and still wanted to be famous.. No buddy of fame wanted you so you preyed on a kid… You are and will forever be known as a succubus…”