(Video) Trump gets the double bird treatment at UFC 295 from Bill Burr’s wife

In a star-studded event, UFC 295 witnessed the presence of prominent figures. Former president Donald Trump, UFC CEO Dana White, comedian Bill Burr, and others were present.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as Donald Trump, Kid Rock, and Tucker Carlson walked out to the tune of ‘American Badass.’

As Donald Trump took his cage-side seat, the crowd erupted into loud applause. However, Bill Burr’s wife Nia Renee Hill was seated near Trump. She expressed her sentiments in a rather unconventional way.

When Trump appeared on the big screen, Hill showed a rather provocative reaction—displaying the middle finger on both hands.

Hill is a well-known actress and producer, while Burr made his name in comedy. Additionally, Bill Burr is a close friend of UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Hill’s reaction on social media went viral and sparked diverse reactions. The wife of comedian seemed to be unapologetically expressing her disapproval.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana White yanked her out of there. She prob ruined Bill Burrs chance for future VIP seats.”

“Nah he’s one of joes rorgans best friends so he can go as much as he wants”

“😂🤣 yall are so soft”

“That was so badass and savage when she stopped right as he turned his head towards her.”

“You can take the woman out of the hood…..”

Despite the controversy, it’s worth noting that Trump’s presence at UFC events has always been a crowd-pleaser.

Beyond the reactions to Trump’s presence, UFC 295 showcased thrilling bouts. Diego Lopes delivered a first-round KO in the main card opener, setting the tone for an action-packed evening. Benoit Sanit-Denis followed suit with a quick first-round head kick KO against Matt Frevola.

While Donald Trump’s cage-side appearance at UFC 295 was met with resounding applause from the crowd, Nia Renee Hill’s unconventional reaction highlighted the diversity of opinions about the former President. Nevertheless, Trump remains a lifelong fan of the UFC.