(Video) MMA influencer argues for Trans inclusion in the UFC in order to eliminate low quality main events

A prominent mixed martial arts influencer has stirred up controversy by arguing forcefully for the inclusion of transgender women in the UFC women’s divisions, while also venting frustration at the perceived low quality of recent UFC main event fights.

In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, the influencer, who remains unidentified, states bluntly “Transwomen are real women. They deserve to fight with whoever they identify with.” He accuses those opposed to trans inclusion in women’s divisions of being “bigots” and calls on “women [to] stop being bigots” as well as for the UFC itself to be more inclusive.

However, the influencer’s pro-trans rights argument takes an odd turn as he then launches into a rant about the lack of entertaining main events in recent UFC pay-per-views. “Every single fing time, without fail, they fing ruin the f***ing card,” he exclaims about the quality of women’s main event fights.

He alleges that there is an “agenda from within to break your company down to fing nothing” at the UFC, accusing the company of putting on poor main events despite having given women fighters many opportunities to headline cards. At one point he even brings Disney into the argument, claiming “You saw masculine people enjoying it, and you couldn’t help but fing burn it into the ground.”

The heated video culminates with the exasperated influencer declaring “F*** this fing sport. I’ll see you at the next fing pay-per-view.”

The clip has proved highly polarizing, sparking heated debates around transgender inclusion in sports as well as the quality and prominence given to women’s fights in the UFC. Critics have condemned the influencer’s crass language and conflation of unrelated issues, while supporters have praised his comittment to trolling in face of UFC’s persistent lack of effort going into UFC APex cards.