(Video) MMA fighter presents opponent with flowers – then kicks him in the face

A Russian MMA fighter gave a flower bucket to his opponent during the build up for their fight. The act was similar to classic viral move from UFC fighter Sean O’Connell.

However, this Russian fighter did not give the flower as an act of kindness, but rather as a distraction. Because as soon as he handed the flowers, he kicked his opponent.

The shocking incident happened during the press conference for the event. As usual, the Russian based promotion called Arena Fighting gathered the participants inside a studio. At one point, a fighter stood up and walked towards his soon to be opponent. He tried to give his opponent a flower bucket.

However, right before the opponent managed to take the flower, he kicked him. The arrogant fighter didn’t stop there, he continued to beat his opponent after. The studio became a turmoil and a bunch of security guards swarmed to separate the two.

After they got separated, the guy who got kicked tried to return the favor. Unfortunately for him, with so many security guards standing between them he couldn’t even get close. He finally got dragged out of the studio to be calmed down.

This Russian MMA promotion is having these kinds of incidents quite often. Previously, all hell broke loose in the same live studio after a fighter gifted his opponent with catfood?! Some MMA fans believe the promotion is orchestrating the incidents and they actually encourage their fighter to fight outside the cage.

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