(Video) Only in Russia: Fight Breaks Out At Press Conference

In the world of MMA publicity stunts are pretty much a monthly occurrence. There are fighters challenging non fighters, crowd jumpers, object throwers and a whole lot more. But in spite of the variety these viral combustions never fail to get a reaction out of the audience. This is why we’re sharing this latest incident with you.

During a press conference for the Hardcore FC promotion a violent kick upstaged the event. Tamerlan Temirov couldn’t control his temper and ended up sucker punching Alexander Yanshin during the face off. Temirov was upset – according to his account he had beaten Yanshin when the two trained together. Yanshin could not bare being disrespected like that – he sprinted towards Temirow and threw a flying kick that threw Yanshin across the studio.

At this point the security jumped in – while wearing balaklavas. The security seemed disorganized and were in no rush to end the conflict. The whole spectacle can be viewed below:


According to the clip source the fight between the two hasn’t happened yet.