MMA Press conference descends into chaos

Fight press conferences can get heated – there’s no love lost between the fighters who are set to fight  in a face to face. If the build up is full of shots below the belt, it is likely a fight would break out during the press conference. This is why UFC no longer allows for Monster cans that actually contain the energy drink.

The most recent example of all hell breaking loose is an MMA press conference in Russia that turned into total chaos after the fighters got physical with each other.

In the video that emerged online, one person can be seen walking around while talking on the mic about his opponent who was sitting with many other people inside the studio. Right after talking, the guy tried to punch his opponent in the face out of nowhere.

The other guy managed to evade it but received a combination of punches. At this moment, the rest of the people inside the studio tried to separate the two. The security came in and dragged the guy with a microphone out of the stage. The crazy thing is that it didn’t stop there.

The clash unfolded for the second time when the mic guy jumped with some other men off stage. It’s safe to assume that these men are the friends of the guy he attacked. The camera panned over and the guy was already on the ground getting beaten up. The security had a harder time maintaining the situation.

Eventually, the situation was under control but that man couldn’t continue participating in the press conference.

It has been proven that an altercation between fighters could sell more tickets. Some even believe that most altercations are staged and are just business. Pushing against each other during staredown is a common thing. However, a clash like this is definitely too much.