(Video) Fighter Uses Cat Food Gag to Catch Opponent Off Guard and Tackle Him

Ever since freign MMA promotions figured out they can go viral all over the globe thanks to face off shenenigans they’re not letting up.

During a press conference for the Hardcore FC promotion a violent kick upstaged the event. Tamerlan Temirov couldn’t control his temper and ended up sucker punching Alexander Yanshin during the face off. Temirov was upset – according to his account he had beaten Yanshin when the two trained together. Yanshin could not bare being disrespected like that – he sprinted towards Temirow and threw a flying kick that threw Yanshin across the studio.

At this point the security jumped in – while wearing balaklavas. The security seemed disorganized and were in no rush to end the conflict. The whole spectacle can be viewed below:


But the same promotion is now back with another instant classic.  A fighter was spotted taking out a bag containing a container of cat food. For the face off he opted to also bring a bowl for catfood – in addition to actual catfood.

At this point majority of the fighters in the studio there were every bit as confused as the audience watching at home.

The fighter went on to empty the catfood packet into the bowl positioned to be between them during the face off. At this point the scuffle ensued – and you’ll see why.