(Video) Mayweather’s 17-year-old protégé wins pro debut by stunning knockout, but there’s nobody in the stands

Curmel Moton marked his entrance into the professional boxing arena under rather unconventional circumstances on a Saturday night in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Moton is Floyd Mayweather’s promising 17-year-old protege. He is considered to be a shining beacon of young talent in the USA’s boxing scene. This debut was a testament to his potential, as he secured a resounding victory in his first professional bout.

Moton’s prowess was evident from the opening bell, as he proved to be in a league of his own against his opponent Ezequiel Flores. As anticipated, Moton’s skill and precision were far too superior and culminated in a first-round knockout.

This momentous debut took place as a walkout bout. The match happened after the main event, but was scheduled with the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo card.

The decision to position this debut after the main event likely stemmed from logistical constraints, as the organizers faced limited broadcast space. Regrettably, this meant that a majority of the audience had already exited the arena by the time Moton stepped into the ring.

Additionally, the bout was not broadcast live. Instead, snippets and highlights trickled onto social media platforms which offered fans a belated glimpse of Moton’s extraordinary performance.

Undeterred by the unconventional circumstances, Curmel Moton delivered an awe-inspiring performance and left no doubt about his capabilities within the ring.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather himself showered Moton with praise during the press conference after the match. In a surprising twist, he even hinted at the possibility of the young phenom returning to the amateur ranks to represent Team USA in future Olympic games.

Curmel Moton’s debut will undoubtedly be considered a testament to his extraordinary skill and potential. Despite the odds, Moton’s performance shone brightly and was praised by everyone. This promises a future filled with remarkable achievements.