(Video) Logan Paul turns down MMA offer from singer Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa recently extended an invitation to Logan Paul to join the MMA roster of the Professional Fighters League (PFL). However, Logan Paul declined the offer.

Paul first became famous through the apps Vine and YouTube. He has also dabbled in acting and wrestling, in addition to boxing.

Logan Paul recently competed against Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia after signing a WWE contract in June 2022. Although he lost, the crowd was highly entertained by his abilities.

On the other hand, Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper and a shareholder of PFL.

On Paul’s podcast Impaulsive, Logan was recently questioned if he would like to participate in the league and compete for a one-million dollar grand prize.

Paul quickly turned down the offer and said that it would need more money than that to change his mind. While Paul competes in boxing, MMA is a whole new ballgame and he’d likely end up empty handed.

In addition to smaller purses, MMA also requires knowledge in multiple martial arts as well as the FightIQ to combine them which means it would take years to be really ready.

Masvidal recently suggested Logan Paul might have a chance in MMA against UFC’s rising star Paddy Pimblett. This is most likely due to a difference in size and a wrestling skill Paul already posses.

Logan Paul has said repeatedly that he wants to face John Cena at WrestleMania. Therefore, he will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve that goal.

Paul has also shown interest in taking on Andrew Tate. During a Jeff FM interview, Logan Paul related a disturbing dream in which he brutally defeated Tate in a mixed martial arts contest.

He said: “I had this vision this morning. I had this vision. Real vivid in my head. It was me and Andrew Tate, we finally did an MMA fight. We finally signed up for it.”

“I choked him out in 15 seconds. I’m not kidding. 15 seconds and I in this vision stood up and I looked at him and I was almost like, disappointed for him because I think that’s what would happen. I think I’d f**king destroy him quick and then look at him like, ‘That was the Top G? That was the guy?’”

Paul is currently dealing with the fall out from a Crypto project scandal. He is one of the men blamed for the $40,000,000 project that was abandoned by developers.