Dillon Danis was set to box Logan Paul, but Paul pulled out when he destroyed his knee during WWE performance

Dillon Danis has been in talks to face either of the Paul brothers for the last 3 years. While his boxing date with Jake fell apart unceremoniously after Danis was forced to undergo a second knee reconstruction, his boxing date with Logan was all but a done deal.

Recently, Dillon Danis called out Logan Paul after Paul backed out of their boxing date that was scheduled for Misfits 004 on January 4.

Danis criticized Logan Paul for ostensibly pulling out of the bout on his official Instagram account. Dillon Danis accused Paul of being intimidated by a “true fighter”.

He said, “Guess who pulled out the paul sisters will never fight a real fighter.”

Paul tore his ACL, MCL, and meniscus during his epic performance at WWE’s Crown Jewels against Roman Reigns.

In 2018, Logan Paul made his boxing debut at the Manchester Arena in England against fellow YouTuber KSI. The bout finished in a majority tie after one judge scored it 58–57 in favor of KSI and 57–57 for the other two judges.

In a rematch between the two in 2019, Paul was defeated by a split decision. The YouTuber-turned-most boxer’s recent matchup came in an exhibition match versus Floyd Mayweather at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Although no winner was declared, ESPN gave the bout to Mayweather by a score of 78-74.

Despite having no wins in boxing, Paul claimed he was the best social media star turned boxer due to the fact he wasn’t knocked out by Mayweather.

“So here is where it gets really interesting.”

“Now I am watching the landscape unfold and I have no wins but I am hungry and really hungry to get back in the ring. I am seeing my comrades do it and by the way if I didn’t think I was the best I wouldn’t do anything in life.”

“In my head I have to be number one because if I don’t believe it then how the f**k is anyone going to believe it? That is what I believe but of course respect to some of the particular greats in this vertical. I am hungry, I am training for the WWE again too but I am going in waves and I chase certain pursuits and WWE is becoming very real for me now.”