Dillon Danis blasts “scumbag” Logan Paul for alleged $40 million NFT scam failing to acknowledge his own history of endorsing rugpulls

Logan Paul has been dealing with a tremendous amount of scrutiny due to a series of videos detailing him allegedly playing a part in a multi-million NFT fraud.

Coffeezilla is a self-described internet detective on YouTube. He uploaded a video investigating Paul and his alleged involvement in a $40 million cryptocurrency fraud.

Logan Paul’s NFT project/crypto game CryptoZoo failed to pay the developers and was basically abandoned. This caused multiple individuals to lose tens of thousands of dollars.

Dillon Danis criticized Paul for his suspected involvement in the cryptocurrency hoax on his official Twitter account. He tweeted: “damn logan paul is a scumbag feel bad for everyone he scammed”

Logan Paul pulled out of the deal to box Danis after getting hurt during his match with Roman Reigns at WWE.

The two were previously involved in a series of altercations in New York’s hotspots, one of which is alleged to have escalated further.

And while blockchain evidence Coffeezilla unearthed places some of the blame on Paul definitely, Dillon Danis should probably not be the first person to cast a stone.

Danis has a significantly lower profile so he’s a side by mention in a previous video from the same creator.

Previously, Danis’ BJJ rival questioned how Danis is able to support himself on MMA Hour.

This is a point that Ariel Helwani then asked Danis point black in their now infamous interview.

What most MMA fans might nor realize is that Danis’ twitter giveaways are a way to enable his social media to grow. Which he then used to get paid shilling different crypto projects he knows nothing about.




Naturally Coffeezilla covered Danis in one of his videos, but he wasn’t aware of Danis’ brand of niche infamy and quickly moved on to investigating bigger fish including Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian.

And these are just a couple of the examples. There’s also:

Of course this doesn’t exonerated Logan Paul. If you’d like more details on his deal you should watch the video series: