(Video) Logan Paul doubles bet with Conor McGregor to $2M for Dillon Danis event

A high-stakes boxing match is on the horizon as Logan Paul and Dillon Danis prepare to clash on October 14th. The looming bout serves as a resolution to a longstanding feud that originated when Jake Paul targeted Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Dillon Danis during his foray into influencer boxing. Now, the feud has passed to his older sibling, Logan Paul.

Initially, Logan Paul extended a $1 million wager to former UFC double champion Conor McGregor, a close friend and training partner of Dillon Danis. Expressing confidence in his own victory, Logan Paul urged McGregor to accept the bet. However, this wager has now escalated to a staggering $2 million, with Paul asserting his determination by promising to send the contract to McGregor imminently.

Throughout the buildup to their impending clash, the rivalry between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has been marked by intensely personal attacks, particularly from Danis.

His relentless trash-talking included targeting Paul’s fiancĂ©e, Nina Agdal. With a series of posts featuring Agdal alongside other men, Danis insinuated promiscuity in her dating history. These unsavory tactics have incited anticipation among fans for Danis to face consequences for his actions.

Nonetheless, there remains uncertainty regarding whether Dillon Danis will follow through on his agreement to step into the ring. His past includes withdrawing from a boxing match against Logan Paul’s previous adversary-turned-ally and business associate, KSI. Many spectators anticipate a repeat scenario where Danis pulls out of the impending bout.

In a reassuring move, Logan Paul has secured a backup in the form of bare-knuckle boxing luminary and former UFC competitor Mike Perry.

Could Dillon Danis become Logan Paul’s first professional opponent?

Dillon Danis briefly pursued a career in MMA, achieving an unblemished 2-0 record in Bellator. Nonetheless, he would not be the first professional opponent for Logan Paul. The YouTuber previously entered the boxing ring for an exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2021.

Given the exhibition context of the match, no official victor was declared. Nonetheless, the prevailing consensus credits Mayweather Jr. as the winner due to his advanced boxing skills and extensive experience in the sport.