(Video) Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou have a face to face, cage side at PFL event

In the midst of all the back-and-forth on social media, heavyweight superstars Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones eventually got the opportunity to size one another up. The anticipation surrounding the potential clash between the heavyweight giants reached new heights as they finally came face-to-face.

After the main event was over, the two gathered besides the PFL cage.

From the recorded video, it is clear that the two combatants maintained a cordial demeanor. But one cannot overlook the unmistakable intensity in Jones’ gaze, conveying his desire to compete against Ngannou.

It is noteworthy that the size difference between Jones and Ngannou did not appear significant. While Ngannou stood taller than Jones, the relentless efforts and dedication of Jones in his transition to the heavyweight division have yielded remarkable results.

The physical disparities between the two seemed less pronounced, hinting at an intriguing contest should they eventually face off.

Jon Jones bout is unlikely to ever mateiralize considering Jones inked a new contract with the UFC ahead of his match with Cyril Gane. It’s especially doubtful considering Jones has indicated he’d like to retire at some point in the near future. Considering he signed a UFC contract that has him headlining at least 7 more events it’s more than unlikely the two will never cross paths.

The potential matchup between Jones and Ngannou has been a subject of speculation, with fans eagerly awaiting an official announcement. UFC President Dana White has remained consistent in his response to whether the two competitors will ever cross paths: It will never happen in the UFC.

Ngannou’s journey to a potential showdown with Jones has encountered its fair share of hurdles. Prolonged negotiations with the UFC led to an impasse, ultimately resulting in Ngannou opting for free agency. Ngannou finally signed a lucrative deal with PFL, signaling a new chapter in his career.