(Video) It took just 5 seconds for this surprising KO win

In an electrifying display of prowess, Zhyrgalbek Nurdinov of Kyrgyzstan delivered a lightning-fast knockout in a mere 5 seconds during the Siberian League (SFL) event. The match took place on August 20, hosted by the Russia-based MMA promotion.

Quick knockouts are a source of exhilaration for MMA enthusiasts, epitomizing the rapid twists that mixed martial arts bouts can bring. The SFL 54/16 event witnessed an extraordinary moment as Nurdinov faced off against Nazridin Azizov.

Right at the start of the match, both sprang into action, launching their initial strikes simultaneously. While Azizov unleashed a left leg kick, Nurdinov’s response was a rapid and potent left hook. Although the leg kick landed, it was Nurdinov’s left hook that inflicted significant damage.

The impact of Nurdinov’s punch sent Azizov crashing to the canvas in a matter of seconds, leaving everyone stunned by the speed of the knockout. Despite Azizov maintaining consciousness, he exhibited clear signs of dizziness.

Azizov found himself grounded on the canvas, using his leg to guard against Nurdinov’s follow-up actions. Seizing the opportunity, Nurdinov unleashed a barrage of ground-and-pound strikes. Unfortunately for Azizov, he couldn’t effectively defend himself against the onslaught.

In light of Azizov’s inability to protect himself, the referee intervened and halted the contest, awarding victory to Zhyrgalbek Nurdinov via technical knockout. The match had concluded in an astonishingly swift 5 seconds, solidifying Nurdinov’s position as the victor.

Notable for its brevity, Nurdinov’s lightning-fast knockout joined the ranks of other memorable swift victories. In the realm of the UFC, Jorge Masvidal holds the record for the fastest knockout, a feat that remains iconic in MMA history. Masvidal’s victory came by dispatching Ben Askren in just 5 seconds at UFC 239.

In an unforgettable moment, Masvidal initiated a charging maneuver against Askren, executing a flying knee that connected with pinpoint accuracy. Askren’s attempt to evade the strike was met with the unfortunate consequence of positioning his head directly in the path of Masvidal’s knee, leading to instant knockout impact.

Zhyrgalbek Nurdinov’s rapid KO at the Siberian FL event underscores the unpredictable nature of MMA, where a contest can be decisively determined in a matter of seconds. As the sport continues to captivate audiences worldwide, such lightning-fast knockouts add to the allure and excitement that only mixed martial arts can deliver.