(Video) Ian Machado Garry praises McGregor following sparing session: He’s someone people look up to

Ian Machado Garry readily acknowledges the influence of his fellow Irishman, Conor McGregor, on his burgeoning MMA career.

Recently, Garry and McGregor engaged in a sparring session at the Crumlin Boxing Club. Comparisons between the two fighters, particularly in terms of marketability, have started to emerge. While it remains too early to predict if Garry can ascend to the upper echelons of the sport, one thing is undeniable – he shares the same level of self-assuredness that characterizes the “Notorious” one.

In a candid interview with Severe MMA, Ian Machado Garry opened up about the inspiration he derives from Conor McGregor. He underlined how growing up in the same environment inevitably leads to such influence:

“Look, it’s inevitable that Conor is gonna have inspiration (on) my career, look at where we grew up. Look at it. …The mayhem that that man caused in Ireland, just, it feels like that man is part of the f—king religion of the country now. He’s someone people are gonna look up to and draw inspiration from for years to come.”

Garry went on to highlight McGregor’s sensational impact on the sport, particularly in the USA, where he achieved unprecedented success. His ability to create pandemonium in Las Vegas with throngs of fans and the unparalleled excitement surrounding his fights revolutionized the MMA scene. Garry recognized how McGregor had transformed the game forever:

“Because what he did was sensational and the way he did it — in the way he took over the USA and the pandemonium that he caused in Vegas with the fans, and just the excitement. The build of the fights was different than anything we’d ever seen. He changed the game forever.”

However, Garry was also quick to emphasize that he aims to carve his own path in the sport. Sporting a flawless professional MMA record of 13-0, he’s been making waves, most recently with a dominant unanimous decision victory over Neil Magny. Garry’s determination is palpable, and only time will reveal the extent of his success inside the Octagon.

In drawing inspiration from a trailblazer like Conor McGregor, Ian Machado Garry is poised to leave his mark on the world of mixed martial arts, all while acknowledging the debt he owes to a fellow Irishman who rewrote the rules of the game.